Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Under (Blood) Pressure

Did the Coyote have hypertension?

Bobblehead has high blood pressure. I cannot shake it. My family has a history of kidney problems and heaven knows I had severe kidneys problems when I was 300+ pounds before my weight loss surgery. Today I still “spill” a little protein in my urine and I cannot get my BP under 120/70. I saw my nephrologist of many years Monday in Albuquerque. She is thrilled I am down so much in my weight. We compared Century Bike Riding stories and griped about health care in general. She is great.

My BP is not that runs around 130-135/80-100. That is most likely due to the damage my kidneys suffered earlier. Kidneys do not heal well. Screw them up and they remain screwed for life. My weight is good, I drink a lot of water, keep fit, try to keep my sodium down, yadda yadda. No go. I will increase my BP meds up a tad to try to keep it in check. The good news is that BP medicine, Diovan, is also a documented migraine preventative.

By the way, I love this Of course, I am a geek...

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