Monday, February 04, 2008

Social Networking For Diabetics

From Courtney's blog, Ride to Remedy

Social Networking For Diabetics

Before I delved into this entry, I had to do some researching to discover what the scope of social networking is, and I must say that I’m still not sure what exactly it is. It seems to me that the internet in it’s entirety is a space for social networking: blogs, forums, chat rooms, mySpace, FaceBook, we all connect and link up via these venues and so many more. I myself have avoided mySpace since the beginning. FaceBook I registered for at some point early in my college years but I rarely visit and if I want to talk to anyone I just email them, so there’s really no networking going on there. Twitter, I got into that back in Nov, but it’s lost it’s glamour and pisses me off more days than it does anything else, the networking has basically stopped. ...

I hear Courtney's frustration. Sites like MySpace and Facebook often do not do it. Other sites like blogs devoted to one specific medical ailment or patient can make great reading but often lack the interaction needed to communicate between like-minded or -afflicted individuals. Courtney is looking into a site called Diabetes Friends. It looks promising. For migraines, I belong to MyMigraineConnection, an excellent site filled with news, announcements, and a whole lot of social networking. There are equally good sites for cancer (almost any type of cancer: breast, prostrate, leukemia, colon, etc.), ALS, MS, etc. etc. An overall good site that I enjoy is Dailystrength. This is an overall support group where you can join communities for various conditions. Bobblehead highly recommends it. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone. Regardless of what medical condition might ail you, there are others out there willing to listen, teach, pray, and support you every step down your journey. No one needs to be alone.

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