Sunday, February 17, 2008

Neurological Conditions and Embarrasing Your Kids

A common discussion around the Bobblehead

I stayed pretty alert on the trip. It was very strenous, though. Lot's of deadlines (the planes, the funeral, etc.) I did all of the driving which in itself was amazing. I did get a little loopy, especially before take off from the Albuquerque Sunport. Heaven knows TSA does not make things easy for anyone, it is getting even harder for those who cannot stand well. It was murder when I was in the wheelchair. This time around, I went through with one bag and my cane. Off with my shoes, my belt, my ID tag. My cane (aluminum) was x-rayed. By the time I was through I was through in another way. After we got on the plane, El and Li sat one row ahead of Cl and myself. I was almost in full Bobblehead Loopy Dizzy Basilar-Type Migraine Mode. Which also means I become a loud talker and a close talker. The guy next to me on the plane looked mortified and wandered off to scavenge an empty seat. As more passengers boarded the plane he got chased from seat to seat. Cl and I were hysterical and we were hoping he would get stuck next to me the entire flight. I was already planning my attack, “Hi. Uh-uh-I ammm uh Bobblehead and-dd-dd aye hu-hu-hate too fffffly. Who argh yu-yu-you?” Unfortunately the plane had a few empty seats and he hid a few rows behind us. My migraine did better but let me tell you that inner ear problems and large aircraft do not go together.