Saturday, November 03, 2007

Waiting on the Mayo Clinic

I contacted the Mayo Clinic a few days ago. Not a peep from them. I am impatient, as always. The new wrinkle in my liver enzymes has me a little spooked. So far, I will just wait until Monday. If there is still no word it is time to start the phone calls.

Hey, Is this thing on?

I forgot how much fun it was to journal. The reality is that I have a lot to say. What with my crazy Bobblehead health, my mixed up but wonderful life, and the insanity of current events. I fully expect to say something to insult SOMEONE so I might as well get started.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Will Kill You & This Will Save You


This Will Kill You & This Will Save You

I have decided to keep a running total of different items that I see in the news that will either kill you, save you, or both. I am keeping the original reference links as well. It should be interesting to see in a few months what this list looks like. Enjoy.

[last updated 4/5/08, posted by Bobblehead]

This Will Kill You:

Beauty Salons , Birth Control Pills, Cantaloupe, Cosmetic Surgery, Strenuous Exercise, Foot Gel, AIDS Drugs,

This Will Save You:

Beer, Chocolate, Fighting with your spouse, Smoking, Yoga,