Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stuck in the insomnia cycle

Not the Bobblehead

When I was a little Bobblehead, I had a book (really, this is a true story!). This boy had a pet hamster, It got out of her cage and was free in the house. No one could find her but the family knew it was still around. The boy's mom suggested that he try to outwit the hamster, He read that hamsters were nocturnal creatures. He stayed up all night patiently when all of a sudden the hamster crept up and started to eat a snack he left out for her. He swept her up into his hands and everyone was happy, again. I have become like that stupid rodent only I ain't very happy about it! I am stuck in a terrible cycle and I really need to devote some energy in breaking it. I go to bed at a reasonable time. I fall asleep just fine. I stay asleep just fine and sleep deeply and well. Then I wake up at 3am. Or, if I am lucky, 4am. Every night the same thing. Insomnia has been driving my attacks of migraines and basilary-type migraines. Fatigue is a real problem for me. I always was a good sleeper, especially after I went on CPAP for my sleep apnea (almost nonexistent after my weight loss). There are two main categories of insomnia (no, I am too tired for a truly in depth posting so you get the Cliff Notes today). One is when you cannot fall asleep. That we all go through and that I can deal with (I write confidently since it is not hitting me just now!). The other is when you cannot stay asleep. I could take drugs. I do not want drugs. I look in amazement and horror at the ads of talking beavers (man, is that Freudian or what) and gently flying butterflies. Aww, cute. When you cannot sleep let's alter your brain's chemistry a bit. No problemo. I do take Melatonin and it helps, some. I know that since I have been going through this ordeal, my exercise level is down quite a bit. The lack of sleep drives my attacks and the attacks drive my lack of sleep. What a wonderfully dysfunctional cycle I am stuck in. Well, at least it gives me time to blog...

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