Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blogging Against Disabilsm: Diary of a Goldfish

I thoroughly enjoy the Diary of a Goldfish Blog.
I am not sure how I found this blog. Heaven knows I was not looking for it. I am sure it was a link embedded in another link I found embedded in yet another page I saw on a search. At first I dismissed the blog because it did not immediately address the topic I was looking into. But I kept the page open yet minimized on my computer. After I was done posting to Atomic City I started to clean up my desktop. I remember going to the window and looking over the words before I closed it and moved on.
I didn't move on.
What I saw was an online journal and thought provoking blog from England that was intelligent, not self serving, and having a good underhanded sense of humor. The author is disabled and while that is obviously pivotal in physical life, does not seem to define the author.
I enjoy this blog and keep a close eye on my blog roll and aggregator when new posts occur. I usually do not jump to the posts as they are too good to scan and move on. I prefer to read them slowly and savor them.
The Diary of a Goldfish can be found at Yup, bookmark it (or subscribe). Take your time. It shows how the blogosphere can really have gems amongst the lumps of coal!

[posted by Bobblehead]