Saturday, March 01, 2008

Playmobil TSA Checkpoint. Heaven help us...

Playmobil TSA Checkpoint. Honest.

The Bobblehead wishes he were making it up. But sadly this is a real product complete with asleep technician at the x-ray device, a smiling shoe bomber, an x-ray portal set to beep no matter what goes through it, and an inept wand scanner that fails to pick up semi-automatic firearms but screams on bobby pins. All that is missing is the jackass screaming about having less than 4oz of shampoo in you zip lock baggie and the Bobblehead dizzy asking why they think his CPAP is an explosive EACH AND EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME HE FLIES!


What bothers me is that a lot of my job is security related and all in all the TSA people are good people trying to do their job and keep things moving while trying to keep us safe. However, statistically, they have little effect. Even including the 9/11 attacks, statistically the number of people that died in either terrorist attacks or plane crashes was incredibly low. I know it seems inhumane to reduce 9/11 to a statistic blip and by now means is that what I am saying.

However, be honest. Overall, does TSA make us safer? Shampoo in baggies? Taking away a bottle of water or Baby Food? The goal of the terrorist is ironically not to kill. Killing is a tactic, a means to an end. The goal is to incite fear and disruption. They are winning if I look at the product above.

Oh well, enough ranting for now.

[posted by Bobblehead]