Sunday, March 30, 2008

Migraine Blog: Free Her Brain


Her Brain Hurts, Too...

One of the things the Bobblehead has found fun about blogging is that since I have become more relaxed about it, I have started to work up this little network of people who comment and email me. Often it is out of the blue.

Megan Oltman wrote me about my post on Migraines and Weird Al. I went to her site and it is very nice. Again, a purely human side to a migraine sufferer and her life adjusting around the condition.

Megan's blog is a pleasure on the eyes and the mind. It is cleanly arranged (unlike mine which I tend to throw together between spurts where I can write). Her topics are wonderful to read. It is book marked as a must read for the Bobblehead.

If you are seeking to see how a real person copes and does so with grace, peek at Free My Brain:

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  1. Megan Oltman11:18 AM

    Aw shucks! I haven't been keeping up too well with blogs lately or I'd have seen this - Thanks Bobblehead for the good words!

    - Megan


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