Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Migraine Without Headache Normal For The Bobblehead

No Pain, Just Misery

(Sunday March 9) Yesterday was one of those days for the Bobblehead. It started out ok for me. However, shortly into the day I realized I was not doing to well. When I squeezed myself sideways into the area where I keep the cage for my Conure, Chompers, I had a sudden attack of vertigo. My wife watched the blood drain from my face. The room moved and my head filled with helium. It was FAST. The strange angle and horizontal movement tricked my inner ear. The attack by itself was bad. The migraine that followed was worse. (Wednesday March 11) Well, that wiped me out. Where was I?... I was out of it basically all weekend. Monday was really not much better. I did go into work but my balance was off and I had that distant lights on but nobody home glaze. I was having a good ole three day migraine. I never did get a headache. When my diagnosis first steered towards migraines I protested loudly. Headaches were almost nonexistent for me. I rarely get even one a year. As I started to read more about migraines, especially basilary type migraines, I realized that things were fitting. I had aura. Flashing lights, strange disturbances in how I heard the world, wild distortions to my sight. I was dizzy and light-headed. I was in a constant fog. The blood would drain from my face and hands. I would get very cold. Often my nose would run. The feeling was one I never had before and it was frightening. There is a total loss of self. To me, it was similar to running a high fever. I was in a dream-like state. I kind of knew what was going on around me but complete accute and accurate awareness of both details and whole picture were gone. It is not really a loss of control as much as a detachment from the world. But no headache. Migraines without headaches can occur. This weekend was bad but, thank goodness, no where near as bad as I had been before my trip to the Cleveland Clinic. I did sleep some during the day. I even managed to go some to the gym on Sunday. But the aura and buzz of an attack hung over me for 3 days. Which makes me wonder... If I feel like this how many people around me feel like this? At work, driving down the road next to me (I did not drive this weekend!), in the store? How many sick days are lost, or worse, accidents and lives lost during one of these dream states for other people? The toll must be great. Well, here it is Wednesday morning and although I did not sleep the whole night through, I am feeling pretty good. Here is to high pressure!

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