Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bobblehead Back In The Gym

Bobblehead Dreams Big...

FINALLY! I have not been to the gym since August. Considering I lived in the gym 5-6 days a week each morning at 5:30 this was amazing for me. Yes, I carried a cane around with me and got a few looks. But the gym rats all came over and asked how I was doing. It felt good to be back. It also felt like crap to be back. While parts of me are in decent shape, others are lagging. My stamina is way off. I did 20 minutes on a seated stair climber. Piece of cake? I was wheezing after 2 minutes. Damn, I am a Triathlete, Century Rider. Right? Well, maybe again but not today. I did make 20 minutes after I got into a groove and was able to increase the resistance quite a bit. My lower body was weaker and off balance. I have not been in the wheelchair since January 11 so I have been toning up a bit. Leg presses, squats (in a machine), leg extensions and curls, and some toe raises (for calves). I stretched out quite a bit. The nicest thing about Bobblehead's gym and home away from home (here is your plug, Kent!) is they have an infrared sauna. There are a zillion unproven claims about how IR saunas will rid your body of toxins and fat, yadda yadda yadda. All I know was that it felt great. I stretched out my legs so they would not cramp and also worked on my neck and shoulders. Ahhhh... Being fit helped me through this health crisis. I have no doubt of that. Having my body strong and my vitals good kept me vertical when many others would have been bed-ridden. The serotonin rush after exercise is also a great feeling. So, a question to my wheelchair readers? How do you keep your lower body from getting atrophy? I know I had upper body strength while using the chair (man did my back and shoulders get strong). Let me know. It is good to be back in the saddle, again, even if it is only a pony for now.

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