Sunday, March 16, 2008

Buzzin with the Bobblehead

And the Bobblehead went WHHEEMMAAOOANN!

This non-stop buzzing in my ears is downright annoying. Tinnitus is the technical word and often presents itself as a ringing or buzzing in one's ears. For me, it is a non-stop electronic buzz or whine coming from the back of my head. It gets louder as I get fatigued but for the past few weeks it has been most noticeable. I even asked a coworker what that sound was (I thought it was a new computer monitor on my desk). She heard nothing, just gave me the old, “Are you hearing things?” look. Great, not only do I hear buzzings, lean left (but vote right), but the next thing I will do is say that I see dumb people. Actually, I do see dumb people. They are all around me. Only they do not know that they are dumb.

[posted by Bobblehead]