Friday, July 11, 2008

Alright, I get it!

It is really a funny thing. When I felt like crap, I wrote. Now that I am really feeling a lot better (great, actually) I have not been writing. On top of that, I was out of the state for a month and basically had no internet service (yet I survived!).

What was funny was that people I knew would come up to me and ask where were my new blog posts. I started to get emails from people in my past who were following my posts without me knowing it. Even more amazing to me were the emails from fellow bloggers, many of them migraine sufferers, asking where I was.

Well, I am back, baby!

I was talking to my wife, Li, and I realized that I did most of my posting in the wee hours of the morning. Having insomnia will do that. Now I am actually sleeping great. To boot, I have been getting up at 5am each morning (groan) and alternating walking the big boys and catching the 6am bus and going to the gym.

I am back at the gym! Hot damn! I am a little sore and am not lifting the weights I was but I am back. I broke down and rented a locker and now just keep some clothes and other stuff there. I shower and shave before I catch the bus so I am basically done after I work out (since I lost weight, I rarely perspire so even after a workout I am smelling fairly fresh. Fresh...not ripe).

In June we packed up the 4 of us, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 5 kittens, and 4 birds, and drove the 850 miles to Tomball, Texas. A few days there and then we drove to Jacksonville, Florida. I drove almost the entire way. Almost no Bobblyheaded moments. A few (one below), but not bad.

Medically, I am convinced I know what is finally going on. After arguing back and forth with neurologists, I convinced them that my daily hypoglycemia was a trigger for my Basilary Migraines. Sugar dropped below 60 and WHAM. Get it down around 50 and I was a loser for the entire day.

My endocrinologist at UNM has me on Proglycem, a medication to limit insulin production. It took about 6 weeks to fully kick in but when it did, I was almost perfect overnight. My sugar has been reasonable and even went over 100 after a glass of wine! Booyah! My fasting is now in the 70s to low 80s (occasionally it still is in the high 60s) but I do not have the reactive hypoglycemia with the medication. Before, my blood sugar would drop after I ate. Now it remains stable and actually rises appropriately. I am thrilled. Proglycem is an oral suspension. In other words, the medicine is mixed with water. I take a one mL eye dropper in the morning each and every morning and I am fine.

If I miss a dose...well, I did miss a dose in Lubbock, Texas. We were on the road and I did not take the medicine out of my bag and just plain forgot to take it. I had my complimentary crappy continental breakfast at our hotel and...then...I..I started to to to sloooow down. Bobble, bobble. It hit fast. I crammed honey and peanut butter down myself quickly to try to get my sugar up. In an hour I was fine and we made it the rest of the way to just outside of Houston. Missing one dose, just one day, killed me. I ran into a similar problem the next week. I was at the end of my bottle. The last dropper I took was basically all water, no drug was suspended. Bobblehead engines, engage! I cannot miss a dose.

I walked all through Disneyworld, hauled cow manure, walked my cousin's dog each morning, did yard work, went swimming, worked out in the gym, partied like it was 1899, and went went went. I did need the cane from time to time but the Bobblehead side of me remained pretty much suppressed.

I am now back in New Mexico, in the wonderful Atomic City. The family is still back in Texas but they will be coming home before school starts.

There is a storm rolling in. I am getting lightheaded. (I never said I was 100%). Damn low barometric pressure. Will try some feverfew before drugs.

There is a lot going on. I will try to write a little every day or two. I do miss it. My personality has always been that if I stopped something, even something I enjoyed, I would have a hard time getting back into the swing. Well, I am going to try.

As for all of you who have supported me when things were bleak and asked where I was when things got better, thank you. Can you feel the love?

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