Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Missing The Bike

At the top of Heartbreak

Bobblehead at the top of Heartbreak Hill, during the Santa Fe Century, 2007

I miss biking. I have no desire to do another triathlon, again. I proved I could do one. The swimming was rough but the running kills me. I just love to bike. I am slow, but who cares.

I have done a few miles around town but am scared what could happen if I am fatigued, 40 miles from anywhere, and my vertigo hits. It is probably not a smart thing to be on two wheels (in silly clothes and shoes not made for walking) and you cannot maintain balance to even stand, let alone propel a bike. But, what the hell. I will bike some more close to home and set my sights on next year.

Worse comes to worse, there are always trikes...

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