Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did my Gastric-Bypass Surgery Cause My Reactive Hypoglycemia?

Bobblehead would take 105 any old day!

I had Duodenal-switch gastric bypass going on 6 years ago. I have had some complications, most minor. An incisional hernia. Loose skin (gone). Bad, smelly BMs (pretty much gone).

But, as I have been writing about, I have had a helluva time with reactive hypoglycemia. I eat, my blood glucose drops. Bad. And that is partially what was driving my basilar migraines.

But is the gastric bypass to blame?

Most likely, yes.

There is more and more evidence in the literature suggesting this is a problem. One report says only 1-2% of bypass patients suffer it really bad. For me, Proglycem works very well. It just was 9 months of PURE HELL to get here from there.

Would I do the surgery again given what I know? Probably, yes. I am controlling where I am now. And again, I am the square peg in the round hole.

But I do not see enough doctors and hospitals promoting gastric bypass suggesting how severe this side effect really is. The Mayo Clinic suggests it might be a side effect but lists none of the preventions or treatments. another, Allina, suggests only nutritional advice (in a nutshell, nothing).

So, what should you do?

I recognize from watching Atomic City's traffic that there are potential weight loss surgery patients viewing this. The odds of you contracting this side effect are slim. The odds that if you do get reactive hypoglycemia it is as bad as the Bobblehead's, even slimmer. If you do, go to your endocrinologist and ask about Proglycem. Show him this web site and some of the journal articles I am linking to later in this post. It is a risk. But the odds you will get diabetes and have a obese BMI are much, much higher and the final effects are much, much more severe.

Articles and Web Sites (caution: these are from doctors for doctors!)

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