Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why am I called the Bobblehead?

Saturday Jan 26, 8:00am in the Atomic City My daughter, El named me Bobblehead. During my recent bought with all sorts of crap my head would often lean heavily to the left. Always left. I also had a rolling or bob-&-weave motion to my head during a bad attack. My face would go white or green. Terrible. My wife, Mrs. Bobblehead, decided to document some of this. Here I am in full Bobblehead motion! Bobble2Engage Bobblehead thrusters! Bobble1Trying to drink while the room rolls and the horizon bobs like a cork on the ocean. Yup, this was Bobblehead near his worst! The look on Cl, Bobblehead's daughter, is one of concern with a touch of, “Dang, exactly how much of his DNA is in my genes?”

Yours, Bobblehead

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