Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Only Accurate Bobblehead Giveaway Lists

The living, breathing Authentificous Radioactive Whirling Recently-unwheeled Bobblehead of the Magical Atomic City on the Hill owns bobbleheads.

Dang! That's just not right. The little Bobbleheads have a few bobbleheads from a few years back for the Albuquerque New Mexico Isotopes, our local minor league baseball team. What could be better than radioactive baseball?


And you can get them if you know when they are being given away. How do you know when they are being given away? Check out The Only Accurate Bobblehead Giveaway Lists: blog. I gotta keep an eye on it.

Then again, there is always Ebay. Maybe you can find a Monk Bobblehead for under $20...

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  1. Thanks for plugging my board. Hopefully you can encourage people to join and trade also. This is as described the most accurate listing in the hobby that I constantly update as dates come in. Any help from your members is greatly appreciated.

  2. Yes, please try to post when you see new FREE Bobbleheads being given away. Beside being great fun, they often make wonderful family members...You heard Eric. Spring Training will start soon and it will be time for BaseballBobbles. Booyah!

  3. The list on my board updates whenever I find a new one..All are welcome to join, post and trade with the most accurate bobbleboard in the hobby today!!


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