Saturday, January 26, 2008

If you want to know what it is really like in the OR, shut off ER and

Bobblehead is not a medical doctor. But I have been working in parallel to the medical profession for my entire year. Doctors are human although they often appear not to be. I have met some lousy doctors with great bedside manner and some great doctors with lousy bedside manner. The best, of course, is a good doctor and a good personality. Those are rare. They are out there, though.

Surgeons are an interesting breed. They cut. Into me and you. For money. Yet, as a whole, most of the surgeons I have dealt with have great bedside manner. Is it a trend? I am not sure. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they get to see what makes us tick up close each and every day and reminds them just how fragile sacks of water we really are.

Take Sidney Schwab, MD, and his blog Surgeonsblog. Here you get to read from a semi-retired surgeon what surgery and humans are really like. Want to know why bowel is cool, see Schwab. Want to know what it feels like to touch a liver. Yup, you can do that. Want to see surgery from a human perspective. Sidney is the doc.

I have subscribed to Surgeonblog for a while. The articles can be long but well worth the time. If medicine and TV shows like House and ER fascinate you, go give Sidney a visit and tell him the Bobblehead sent you.

Also, Sidney has a book. Check it out.

“Cutting Remarks: Insights and Recollections of a Surgeon” (Sidney Schwab)

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  1. Well, now, aren't you nice. Thanks for the kind words; they reflect exactly what I've been trying to do. I think, of late, I may have shot most of my wad; but I like knowing it's been of use.


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