Monday, January 28, 2008

Another perspective on the Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery

Jane's Story.

If you are interested in the DS procedure, take a look at Jane's story here: Jane wrote this back in 2002 (with some updates since). It is all still relevant and what Jane went through was fairly common. Jane is over 5 years out and doing fine. This site will go into a must read for people who seek me out about WLS. Jane setting up a web site with virtually every detail about DS is fairly common for people either waiting for surgery or under one year out. What is interesting is that Jane still maintains a blog on her life and health and often mixes in informative articles still current on DS. Now this is the Bobblehead's kind of woman! Yup, she talks about the weight loss and new body transformation, the vacations with family. She also throws in positive information on improving insulin resistance, problems with flatulence (uh,...wasn't me), and myths. This article lead me to her site:

Duodenal Switch Surgery Myths... [...] Sometimes though people omit the bigger picture. I read of non complying WLSers complaining of evil side effects and knocking their surgeries. Sometimes publically they admit to eating the wrong food types, not taking supplements, alcohol abuse, etc…well, what does one expect then? Of course a percentage of unlucky people comply, work hard at their surgery but it still is a nightmare for them. And they have every right to tell their story and feel resentful towards it at times. It’s hard when it doesn’t work. Their insight is invaluable as it helps those researching get more of an understanding of the reality in the sad event of a complicated surgery. Myths that make me laugh or sigh (depending on my mood) are ‘DSers have body odour, DSers wear nappies (Oh MY LORD! lol), DSers poop all the time. DSers have constant uncontrollable diahorrea. DSers pass wind all the time. DSers have thin hair.’ Myths are always black and white. Always a definitive statement. [...]

Excellent piece and right on the money. For the record, I do not stink, my hair did thin the first year but came back as Bobbleheaded thick as ever, I do not wear nappies (diapers), I do not poop all of the time...Sheesh!

But life has not been perfect, either. The Bobblehead is very religious about taking the right supplements but I still have a vitamin D deficiency and am still anemic. There is a theory (!THEORY!) that my hypoglycemia is caused by the massive weight loss. No one seems to say that DS patients have not been linked directly to this issue. And on and on. If you are thinking of having weight loss surgery or, even better, if you are long-timer like me, Jane's blog is special. The number of journals for people past year 2 is low. Jane's blog is at and I have become a subscriber.

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