Sunday, January 20, 2008

Staying vertical all day Saturday

Sunday, January 20, 2008 12:05 PM The Bobblehead family went out to Santa Fe shopping. It was a long day with lots of walking. I did not use the wheelchair but I did carry the cane. I basically did not use it all day. I did buy a new smaller journal to keep track of health, diet, etc. That has come in remarkably handy. If you are having any kind of chronic health problems and cannot get doctors to pay attention, keep notes. A diary is indispensable. I had problems in Target. Since when did Target turn into Walmart? The aisles have become incredibly narrow. The constant cross traffic across my vision started to get to me. In a larger, more spacious store I did just fine. Near the end of the day I was stuck standing in line. The fatigue was hitting me. I started to do the Bobblehead patented “Lean to the Left” ® I finally gave up, walked out, and went to sit down. I am out of the chair for a whole week now. I hope to be driving my old rusty truck again within the next 2 weeks. The bitter cold in the Atomic City has been miserable. We wish it would at least snow and get some moisture. Currently it is 30°. I was hoping to get out and walk the dogs before now. It will have to wait. I spent hours getting my blog up and running. Now it should be a snap uploading to Atomic City. Bobblehead