Friday, January 25, 2008

Healing and Journaling

Friday, January 25, 2008 5:18 AM Yup, you read the time above correctly. I was up at 4:45am. Bobblehead is still having insomnia however it is getting better. In addition, I am having tinnitus, a buzzing in my ears which has actually gotten worse since the treatments began. But hey, I am walking! It looks like no Bobblehead Whirling Wheelchair anymore. In addition, I am walking without the cane! Booyah! People are constantly telling me my color is back in my face. Life is good. I have tried to keep journals before and have had success on and off with them over the past. This is the second lifetime of Atomic City, the first was solely dedicated to Health and Fitness. It was fun and readership was actually increasing. But time took its toll. Likewise, another one of Bobblehead’s blogs was used to discuss my training for a Triathlon and Century Bicycle Rides. It, too, had gained a little readership. But blogging for others really is a commitment. I enjoyed it but it became a chore. This blog is for me. Even if I get few dedicated readers that is okay. I am doing this for my own health. I have kept journals on and off over the years but had a hard time being dedicated to them. This time is different. While at the Cleveland Clinic I ran across a book in the gift shop, Write for Life: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Journal Writing, by Sheppard B. Kominars, Ph.D. I bought it a few days later. It wasn’t until my vision cleared that I started reading through the book. He says what I have known in my heart but would not let my brain to accept. Lose the rules when you write for yourself. Try to do it a little every day but write. He also suggests using pen and pad as opposed to a computer. Paper means free flowing thought. Computers scream editing. He has a point. Atomic City is mostly written in an application for Journaling. Yet I went and dug out an empty paper journal and started writing. I do write in my laptop as well and many of the posts are personal and intimately involve people in my life thus making it unfair to bring to the cruel internet and stay encrypted on Bobblehead’s machine. Some get popped up with editing (I am trying to erase all names from Atomic City), and others, like this one, are more for the web from the beginning. Suffering is a human constant. How we cope with suffering makes us individuals. Some coping works well while others are destructive for both ourselves and those around us. Journaling has been shown to clearly help heal. Atomic City is for the Bobblehead and he will try to keep it constant and current and interesting. I would love if you joined me on a regular basis. If you are just passing through the Atomic City, welcome. As for your own healing, think about it. You need no fancy tools, no expensive wireless laptops, no leather bound journals. You need a good legal pad, a pen or pencil, and and soul. Go, heal. Oh, and if you do want to join Atomic City, Click Here To Subscribe either via email or a reader. Yours, Bobblehead "Write for Life: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Journal Writing" (Sheppard B. Kominars) Related Tags: , , , , ,


  1. just stopped in to check out your site; love your humor and sarcasm. As I seem to put it into my own life to cope, it adds to the "fun" doesn't it.

    I have a great book to mind escapes me for the word right now. I've had the flu, so I'm really at a loss for simple words. Anyway, "All in My Head" by Paula Kamen is an excellent read.

    I can co-miserate on your strange migraines; I have had a few trips with hemiplegic migraines. my right side goes into a little palsey, I lose my arm, leg, very strange. droopy in the face. numbving in the mouth and face. cant' talk. lose all vision in my eye beforehand. bizarre. these freaking migraines are a constant in my life; I've had them since I was a little girl in all different stages from abdominal to occipital. now I'm just "complicated", as they just can't quite figure me out. go figure. I'm just a big mystery in the neuro world. aren't we all.

  2. "All in your head," has special meaning to me in more ways than one. I had a neurologist tell my primary care doctor it was all in my head and I was faking it. Asshat! I will check out the book. Too many books and not enough time. Please stop back, Deborah.


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