Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to kill a blog...stop posting

No, Atomic City is not dead. Bobblehead has just felt like death. I ran into a number of people I know who all were concerned. "Hey, you stopped posting? How do you feel? Uh, you look TERRIBLE." The good news is that at least I know that SOMEONE is reading this blog. The bad news is that I have been really feeling poorly.

My hypoglycemia is driving me nuts. Ironically, just when I thought it could not get worse out of the blue my sugar has stabilized. Beats me why. I also gained 10 pounds (not wanted). Maybe the two are related. I am up to 186, the highest I have been in years. My wife would be thrilled. I am pissed. I want to get back down to 175.

My head is also spinning. I have collapsed twice in the past month. Once at work and once at physical therapy.

I am convinced a trigger for me is low blood glucose. And since I go low almost every day, I get an attack every day. In the evenings I have been dragging myself home and have just been too tired to write.

To top it off, the power cord on my laptop went out. No way to work the machine for now. Am ordering new cords. But for now I am stuck in the corner with my wife's iMac. A good machine, just not set up in a way that promotes writing for me.

This is truly the whining hour!

The good news is that on Monday Atomic City will host the May Migraine BlogCarnival. Okay, off to some decent writing!


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  1. Megan Oltman10:54 AM

    Hi Bobblehead - i also had a month of computer problems combined with migraine & flu problems - major interruption in the lifeus interruptus I already live. glad you're blogging again and I'll look forward to the carnival on Monday. Thanks for the link - I'm adding you to my blogroll too.


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