Monday, May 12, 2008

May Headache Blog Carnival - Migraines & Exercise: How do you stay active?

Welcome to the May 12, 2008, edition of Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival. The theme of this month's carnival is Migraines & Exercise: How do you stay active?

Ellen Schnakenberg presents Moving and exercising and migraine - WEGO Health posted at Ellen Schnakenberg's Posts - WEGO Health, saying, "Think you can't exercise with Migraine, headache or pain? Written by a 30 yr Migraineur and ex-personal trainer, this article helps you get started with 'baby bites', and by changing how you think about exercise and moving."

James Cottrill presents Exercise and Migraine: 5 top tips for staying active posted at Headache and Migraine News Blog.

Diana Lee presents Exercise: Double-Edged Sword for Migraineurs posted at Somebody Heal Me by Diana Lee.

Kerrie Smyres presents Mindfulness & Meditation: An Introduction | The Daily Headache posted at Daily Headache, saying, "It's mental exercise at least. That's all my head allows these days."

Pat E presents Keeping Active When Your Body Says No posted at The MAV Experience

Teri Robert presents 10 Ways for Migraineurs To Sneak In Some Exercise> posted at Teri Robert's Share Posts: My Migraine Connection, saying, "Here, you'll find some ways to sneak in a bit of exercise... some simple exercises that we'll be able to manage even on some of the days we're in pain. They may not seem like much, but the effects of them will build up."

Rena Sherwood presents Walking Dog Helps Ease My Head Pain.

Megan Oltman presents Calming down the migraine brain posted at Free my Brain from Migraine Pain, saying, "Although I didn't write directly about exercise, walking is my biggest form of exercise, and one of the relaxation techniques I wrote about involves walking."

MaxJerz presents coming out of the (migraine) closet: a borrowed subject posted at rhymes with migraine, saying, "A post about trying to live openly with migraine disease."

Rosalind Joffe presents Conserving Your Energy: Making It Sexy to be Green

Rain Gem presents Migraine News Network | RainGem |: I can has "I is Legend", srsly posted at RainGem - Migraine News. Threatments, Research and Opinions.

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On a personal note, I wanted to thank Dianna for letting this edition of the Headache and Migraine Blog Carnival to be hosted by Atomic City. This is a great way to digest a lot of information in one place.


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  1. Do you know of any caffeine free, over the counter meds that help stop a migraine in its tracks?
    I always get very nauseous and vomit when I have an attack and the caffeine is hard on an empty stomach. I used to take Imitrex but even with insurance its a little over $100 and due to some lifestyle changes (I think) I've been able to reduce the frequency of my attacks. Now I've been taking almost 4 Excedrine Migraines at once (gasp, my liver, I know) but it's the only thing that stops them. I had a migraine over the weekend and I must have threw up 6 times and the Excedrine made my stomach burn.

    So sorry to hear your attacks are so terrible. Would welcome any advice! Thanks



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