Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Change in The Direction for the Atomic City

Time to Tack A New Tack

It has been a while since I posted and I decided that a change is needed.

Atomic City helped me get through a great crisis in my life. I am still not 100% recovered but I am on the way. We are still screwing around with a last few tests on my pituitary but most likely they will come back fine.

My Basilary Migraines remain and they still suck beyond belief. My balance and ear problems persist as do my hypoglycemia. However, things are not bleak. The medication I am on has stabilized my blood glucose (Proglycem). The migraine preventives kind of work. I know my triggers and my family and I are coping as best as we can.

I am sleeping, again. Atomic City started during my terrible insomnia. Now, thankfully, sleep cycle has gone to normal.

I have been extremely busy at work, sometimes putting in 16 hour days. My workouts have ceased. They will start back up, soon. I miss the gym and need it back in my life.

I have met a world of wonderful people and causes during this phase of Atomic City. I still read many of the blogs from the fine folks I have corresponded with over the past 18 months.

And what now for the Atomic City?

Atomic City on Blogger was originally set up to be more of a politically-based blog, specifically on how politics affects everyday life. As I write this:

  • The first African-American (okay, 1/2 Af-Am, 1/2 white) man will take office as the President of the United States in a few weeks. People refer to him as The One. Ironically, in an attempt to battle racism, people accept him based on his ethnic origin and ignore his political standings, background, ideals, and accomplishments. His cabinet looks oddly familiar and his Chief of Staff has found himself smack in the middle of the normal Chicago swamp of politics.
  • The Senate shot down then bail-out for the Big Three Automakers but Bush and the White House will probably fund it anyway. That goes AGAINST what his party has already voted on and what the people clearly have stated they do not want.
  • The Federal Reserve refuses to tell the public about a TRILLION dollars it has handled. That money is YOURS and MINE, and not THEIRS.
  • India and Pakistan are strutting like peacocks over the Mumbia attack. And, once again, a handful of well-trained men overcame every security measure put in place to stop such an attack. And, again, this applies to us. Taking knitting needles away from little old ladies boarding airplanes does not make us secure. Old fashioned intelligence, infiltration, and observing is what stops these attacks. Fort Dix is an example.
  • As a scientist, I have little doubt the planet is growing through Climate Change. Climate Change ALWAYS occurs, every single day. Is there Global Warming? Yes, kind of. Is it caused by human activity? The scientific data says that it is doubtful or negligible, but there is no true consensus. What concerns me is the steps the US and UN governments are taking to tax and change our markets and essence based on shoddy, and even purposefully deceitful data (October's temperature ranges being replaced by September's ranges come to mind). I am not here to debate Global Warming, I am here to say EVERYBODY TAKE A DEEP BREATH before we start issuing policy from the hip.
  • There is a ton of sniping between the two major parties. Yet I think they are BOTH whacked. That is why I joined the Libertarian Party. Now, I am in many ways more of a Conservative than a text-book Libertarian, but SHEESH, both major parties basically act alike but just trash the other. Enough.

And so on...

I decided to stop whining and try to make a difference. I actually joined a political party before the election, contributed to a campaign (Bob Barr, a former GOP Representative from Atlanta who was the Libertarian candidate).

I also joined a grass-roots organization called BigTent21 whose goal is to move Conservative thinking into the 21st Century. I will Twitter and will blog for under the hash #tcot as well.

Time to walk the walk for the Bobblehead.

I will still post updates on various things in my life, and will write on health and science issues that interest me or I think will be interesting.

If you are one of my "Liberal" friends, stick around. As many of you have already found out, my "Conservative" ideals are actually quite in alignment with much "progressive" ideals, just phrased differently.

Again, a million thanks to those of you who did read Atomic City as it was. The Bobblehead is still here and will continue in his way. You are welcome to continue this journey with me.

Dale Hugo a.k.a The Radioactive Bobblehead

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