Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Having Bobblehead do a "Stim' Test


Your Adrenal Glands Courtesy Of Psycheducation.org

UNM wants me to do a "stim test." I assume they mean a test of Adrenal Gland function called an ACTH Stimulation Test. Essentially they will inject me with ACTH and measure my cortisol response.

This is to see what is causing my hypoglycemia. They mentioned adrenals to me. It looks like they might suspect Addison's Disease. I doubt that I have Addison's, though. Yes, I have some of the symptoms of Addison's, but many of the biggies are missing including a rise in serum potassium (mine is borderline low), abnormal cortisol (mine is normal), darkening of the skin (sorry, I am a stereotypical white boy), nausea (nope), muscle weakness (nope), salt craving (nope), low blood pressure (mine is slightly high), muscle or joint pain (nope).

Another test for Addison's is an insulin tolerance test, which I had wanted run on me in January. I think this is a better use of a test.

Well, it is me and Proglycem against the world!

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