Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Open Letter To Congressman Tom Tancredo

I sent this to Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

Dear Congressman Tancredo,

First off, I supported your nomination in this last election and feel you would have made a fine president. Since I live in your neighboring state of NM, issues in Colorado often mirror or affect us here as well.

As a Conservative, I have been very disappointed in the GOP lately. Results in 2008 clearly show this. Regardless of individual opinions of Governor Palin, no one in the GOP can deny that just her ideals as a CONSERVATIVE fired up the party more than Senator McCain ever could (I respect McCain but cannot say he stands for Conservative values).

I am part of a GRASS ROOTS effort to bring messages of Conservative, and even GOP at times, to the people who are on the fence. A lesson from the Obama campaign was how well he utilized the web and all of its tools. A tool he used greatly was called TWITTER. There is a growing movement in TWITTER right now called the Top Conservatives on Twitter, or #tcot. TCOT right now is the statistically highest rank topic on Twitter. Ask any of the "young 'uns" on your staff about Twitter and they will know about it. Obama sure does! So does Hillary Clinton. As a conservative, I urge you to take advantage of the new media as best as you can, have you aids get a twitter account for you, and start spreading the word to people in real time.

With much respect,
Dale Hugo