Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lemonade Life: A view into a twentysomething woman with type 1 diabetes

An Even Fresher View Than This!

Okay, stop what you are doing and go here now! Lemonade Life at http://lemonlemonade.wordpress.com/

Trust me, you will not regret it. Go on, I will wait...

I stumbled across Allison's blog while fooling around with Twitter. She is a friend of another blogger I follow (and wrote about here). Like Courtney, Allison has type 1 diabetes. Actually, and with no offense to either, big deal. One of the things I like to do is browse blogs. I see a lot of blogs about patients with one condition or another. That does not make it a good read.

What I like about Allison's (and, yes you too, Courtney) blog is that their writing gives you good insight into their lives. Allison is a woman with an interesting life who happens to also have type 1 diabetes. Her writing is refreshing and has kept me interested and smiling.

That said, Bobblehead loves the medical stuff. Allison is a die-hard diabetic awareness and cure-driven advocate. She offers a great insight into the constant day-by-day balance of her life (which is higher-paced than mine...ah, to be twenty, again) and a disease where you are constantly making sure your glucose goes neither too high nor too low.

A great example of Allison's insight is her 101 things to achieve in 1001 days list. It includes travel, volunteer time, reading, health, spirit, etc. Again, balance is a key theme in Allison's life. And, again, managing diabetes is a balancing act.

She is now officially on my blog roll and a must read. I am very impressed.

And, not to leave this triathletic, marathon running, long-distance bicycling, insulin-pump wearing, constant glucose monitoring wearing (and swearing at) blogger out, Courtney's Ride To Remedy is another must read for me.

Bravo, ladies.

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