Sunday, April 06, 2008

Migraine Sufferers Are NOT Faking Illness


White looks better on a dress than on the Bobblehead's face

I just got done reading an interesting post at Migraine Chick's blog over a recent encounter with a coworker:

Seems like the chick went into work after taking a day off. She was sick and vomiting from a migraine. A coworker was wondering how she could too get a day off. The coworker wondered out loud how the chick "schemed" to get time off.

You gotta love that word: schemed. Yes, I feel like death. The world is spinning. This is a great scheme to get a day off. Whoo-hoo!

Migraines are a silent illness, usually. All symptoms are internal. No one sees my aura. No one had the blurred vision or the jitteriness, flashing backgrounds that accompanied my sight. The headache, the spinning room. People that are naturally aware notice the expressions of pain but most Neanderthals just assume you are faking. I understand what the chick went through.

Actually, my coworkers could plainly see the pain I was in. My basilary migraines are very outward facing. The most visible aspect is the complete draining of blood from my face and hands. I turn white or worse. One coworker showed me when my face was green. Yuck. My fingers turn bone white or blue. Color is hard to fake.

The basilary migraines also result in my Bobbleheadilicous head bob and slurred or stuttered speech along with hand tremors. Oh, the falling is also clue to those around me.

Ironically, it was my doctors who thought I was faking it and not my coworkers. I fired them...

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  1. doesn't it just kill you, the remarks? the looks, the stupidity! Idiots.


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